Mission & History

Our Mission

“Help pregnant women, individuals, and families with life affirming options in an environment that promotes physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, at no charge.”


Our History

In 1977, Karen and Kurt Hefner started the Pregnancy Crisis Hotline. There were about 7-8 volunteers to begin with. Dr. Gregory Kadlec let us use his phone service, and when a call came in, the receptionist would forward it to one of our home phones. After about 4 years of just the Hotline, we had grown enough that we started using one of the classrooms at The Salvation Army building two days a week. It made a big difference when we could meet with clients face to face. We were able to do pregnancy tests, use charts and diagrams to show the developmental stage of their baby; all these tools help communicate the value of the life they were carrying.

In September of 2001, The Pregnancy Crisis Center moved into our current building on Shoshone Street. It has been very strategic to be placed on a main road in the heart of the city. We are called to be a light on a hill, seen by many and Marilyn Scott, Executive Director, was just that. Marilyn was a bright light and instrumental part of bringing the center to where it is today. She started the banquet, trained volunteers, helped with adoptions, etc. and kept current records of the abortion statistics here in the Magic Valley.

There was a time when abortions were not performed in Twin Falls, but that was before Planned Parenthood came to town. It became abundantly clear that in order for us to reach the women who are in most need of our services, the Pregnancy Crisis Center would need to become a medical clinic. After much consideration and prayer, we joined forces with Stanton Healthcare, International and became an affiliate on April 27th, 2014. Throughout the years the clients we’ve seen who were abortion minded had the thought that, “this pregnancy is just a blob of tissue.” That thought has evolved into, “We don’t deny that it’s a baby, but the woman’s life is more valuable than the baby’s.”

The challenge we face now is showing the client that their life is valuable and so is the life of their baby. The client’s fear of not having any kind of support really pushes this false idea that it’s either their life or the baby’s life. We still use fetal models and development charts, but are now also able to perform ultrasounds. This is a powerful tool—it’s the first time mom sees her baby and the value of the life contained in her womb. We work to empower women and show them that they do have support before and after the baby is born. Using evidence-based education we help them to slow down and talk through their thoughts and fears about their options.

We also offer parenting and nutrition classes they can take, which allow them to earn Stanton Dollars to use in our Wishing Well Store for items like diapers, wipes, formula and other baby essentials. Another common fear we keep seeing is the fear of being judged by their family or church. So, we partner with local churches and strive to be a safe place for these girls to hear about God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy-in the midst of their current situation. For about the last 15 years, we’ve added abstinence teaching through our Healthy Relationships Program that we’ve taken into schools and churches. In 2015, our nurses began doing Sexually Transmitted Infection testing and treatment at no charge, right here at the Center. We want to be proactive and promote healthy lifestyles. Stanton has come a long way from being just a Hotline. It has grown to meet the needs of our community.

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